Training Seminars

Our training seminars can be adapted for a variety of formats, including workshop presentations, one-day seminars, or expanded into weekend experiences. Our presentations are interactive, application oriented, and include dynamic multimedia and printed handouts.

Available Seminars

Ministry with Gen Z

Today, Gen Z, or the iGeneration, is knocking on the doors of our sanctuaries. Who is this new generational cohort? How are they different from the Millennial Generation? What are their core characteristics? How will we spiritually connect with them? What does the new evangelization look like with this new generation?

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Engaging a New Generation

A dynamic training seminar that takes Catholic youth ministry into the 21st Century. The eye-opening content clearly articulates the challenges and keys to reaching today’s teens.

Based on the book, Engaging A New Generation, you will walk away with practical, real-life strategies for living the new evangelization with today’s teens.

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur

As church ministers, we tend to think conventionally and act cautiously. We can fall victim to "that's the way we have always done it." or, only replicate what has worked for someone else somewhere else. It's time to stop thinking like youth ministers and begin thinking like entrepreneurs.

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Becoming Architects and Agents of Enounter

In order to form teenage missionary disciples, we must become "architects and agents of enounter"

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